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Trinity Tower Consulting offers a completely unique, out of the box, personalized business consulting and individual 3 Tier mentor ship training program.

Our area of focus include business growth and development and elevating support staff to industry expert leaders who build teams, drive revenue growth and maintain a healthy EBITDA.

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Jessica Finnegan
Founder / CEO

I often reflect how I became so lucky to be waking up each day doing what I was meant to do. My last name may be an indication that I was raised in a large family surrounded by large personalities all fighting to for the center of attention. My years at the University of Edinboro took that spunky and funny child and refined my business sense, passion for small business development and a true appreciation for entrepreneurship.

I spent the first half of my career exploring lots of different industries such as real estate, international nonprofit, marketing, financial business solutions and acquisitions. The knowledge I obtained was priceless. For over a decade I worked along side of the industry best. These small business men and women desired to own their destiny and success. It was during this time that I formulated what would be the foundation of what I coach and mentor today – The 3 Tier Success Plan (but we will talk about that more later!)

It was in 2007 that I was lucky enough to cross paths with a veterinarian entrepreneur that had a vision that would become one of the very first hybrid models of veterinary hospital and luxury boarding resort. I walked into this brand-new industry knowing little about the pet care business, but I had a love for animals and deep tool box of business acumen and drive for success.

Over the next decade, I have built a very profitable and influential veterinary hospital and luxury boarding resort that is one of the largest in the USA, worked with a veterinary investment group acquiring several veterinary hospitals across the East Coast and developing business plans to achieve both financial success and community investment. I created and opened my own consulting and coaching business helping other entrepreneurs, new or veteran to the pet industry to build successful businesses, achieving financial freedom and building a solid and passionate team that are invested in the organization's core values. In my spare time, I travel the US speaking at large and small venues on a variety of topics from staff development, understanding EBITDA and the 3 Tier Success Plan.

Whether you are new to this industry, excited and passionate about jumping in but not sure how or have been doing this so long you forget what that passion felt like, having an outside perspective that knows what success truly looks like and how to get there can be critical to your future. Let Trinity Tower Consulting offer you a free evaluation to achieving your true success.

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